US Consulate Visit 03-Jul-2019

On the 3rd of July 2019, the Softball Federation of Pakistan in collaboration with the Sindh Softball Association went for a Coaching and Training Seminar at the US Consulate. At the start of the event, Mr Muhammad Abbas Merchant was asked to give a brief introduction to the students present regarding the game of Softball. As well as some of the history regarding the sport.

Throughout the event, US Marines were on site making sure everything was according to protocol and everyone present was safe. 

During the event, Mr Muhammad Abbas along with Mr Shahid Aftab, Mr Faraz Ejaz and Shiraz Asif were tasked with overseeing the potential softball players who’d been invited to this event through the US Consulate. Many players showed true enthusiasm for the sport, given the proper training and guidance they could become great assets to the country.

After a brief impromptu practice session with catching practice and batting practice respectively, the students were divided into two groups and we had two matches. One match for boys and one for girls. Suffice to say that all the students had a splendid time and if given the opportunity would love to play softball once again.

The event concluded with Mr Asif Azeem, Secretary General of the Softball Federation of Pakistan and Mr Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant the Secretary-General of the Sindh Softball Association presented the Consul General Mr Darian Arky with a token of appreciation.

Another successful event completed which Insha’Allah shall go far in helping with the promotion and eventual establishment for softball as a widely plain sport in Pakistan.