Sports for Life Pakistan Day Sports Festival

On the 21st of March 2019, the Sindh Softball Association in collaboration with the Sindh Olympic Association conducted a tournament in celebration of Pakistan Day as part of the Pakistan Day Sports Festival 2019. The event was co-sponsored by Sports For Life. We had Mr Ahmed Ali Rajput the Secretary-General of the Sindh Olympic Association present as our special guest. Mr Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant and Mr Asif Azeem, The Vice President and President of the Sindh Softball Association respectively were present to receive him and watch over the event as it progressed. Girls from Trinity School and College, St Paul’s and St Joseph’s were the stars of the day.

With girls new to the sport and veterans of the sport thrown together in a ragtag group it proved for a great showing as one of the greatest abilities of a sportsman is learning how to adapt to their situation as it evolves and being able to work with people of every sort. The teams were decided and it would be Karachi Angels vs Karachi Queens. Both teams were headed by girls who have previously represented Karachi in multiple events, Karachi Angel’s Captain was Zarlish Shakeel Ahmed and Karachi Queen’s Captain was Adeena Hassan. After a great showing by both captains guiding their new players with the utmost professionalism and levelheadedness, it was Adeena Hassan who ended up leading her team to victory with the help of Sheryll Terence and Marceline Daniels.