Sindh Games 2018

In April of 2018, the Sindh Softball Association in Collaboration with the Sports and Youth Affairs Department of the Government of Sindh hosted a Women’s Softball Tournament as part of the Sindh Games 2018. The Sindh Games were hosted by Karachi and the various events took place in NED University of Engineering and Technology. Our honourable guest for the event was Mr Mohsin Khan, Senior Vice-President of Pakistan Baseball Federation and President of Sindh Baseball Association.

The participating teams were:

1) Karachi
2) Hyderabad
3) Sukkur
4) Benazirabad
5) Mirpurkhas

The tournament took place across a period of three days, starting on the 19th of April and ending on the 21st of April. Tensions were high as Hyderabad’s Captain Urooj, coming fresh off leading her team to their latest win in the 5th Inter-District confidently claimed to Mr Muhammad Abbas Merchant, Chairman Scoring Committee that the trophy would be coming home with them.

Fresh teams like Benazirabad were a true find for this tournament as not only were the players highly disciplined but they showed a passion for the sport and a drive to win. Benazirabad gave Sukkur a fierce fight for third but ended up coming a little short.

The final as Hyderabad’s Captain has so boldly claimed came down to Karachi vs Hyderabad. Although things looked shaky for Hyderabad in the first inning, consecutively losing three batters in a row shook their confidence quite a bit. But the girls would not be deterred and came back with a vengeance in the second inning and showed Karachi just how they won when they last met.

The competition was tough, but all it came down to it were a few hasty mistakes made by Captain Urooj and players such as Karachi’s Bushra Javaid capitalised and stole the victory. Reclaiming their lost glory, Karachi was standing over Hyderabad.

Final Standings:

1st Position: Karachi

2nd Position: Hyderabad

3rd Position: Sukkur