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Promotion of Softball across every corner of Sindh
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About Softball

Softball is played between two teams on a large field, with nine players from one team on the field at a time. Slow-pitch softball is played with ten fielders. The field is usually composed of a dirt or brick-dust infield that contains the quadrilateral shape and running areas, of a diamond, and a grass outfield. However, the field can consist of other solid and dry surfaces such as artificial turf or asphalt.

About SSA

Sindh Softball is a Provincial governing body for softball in Sindh. Our membership comprises of 6 divisions, Clubs and individual members who play, coach, officiate and support softball in Sindh. Many of our players and trainers have received recognition from Softball Pakistan and the Pakistani Government for the significant contributions they have made to the growth and success of softball across Sindh and beyond.

History of Softball

Softball was created by George Hancock in Chicago in 1887. The game originated as an indoor variation of baseball and was eventually converted to an outdoor game. The popularity of softball has grown considerably, both at the recreational and competitive levels. In fact, not only is women’s fast pitch softball a popular high school and college sport, it was recognized as an Olympic sport in 1996.

Our Team

Muhammad Saleem Rajput
Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant
General Secretary
Muhammad Nasir

Our Events

Exhibition Match at Karachi Gymkhana
On the 19th of October 2019, the Sindh Softball Association in collaboration with Japan Consulate organised a Exhibition Match.
Independence Day Celebration 2019
On the 7th of August 2019, the Sindh Softball Association celebrated Independence Day at Trinity School.
6th Inter Divisional Women Softball Championship 2019
On April of 2019, the Sindh Softball Association organised the 6th Inter-District Women Softball Championship in Hyderabad.

Visits and Meetings

US Consulate 03-July-2019
SSA General Secretary Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant celebrated US Independence Day at US Consulate on 03 July 2019. World Softball was also celebrated.
Japan Consulate 27-June-2019
Consul-General, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura had a brief meet up with the delegation of SSA where he was requested to launch their official website www.sindhsoftball.com
US Consulate 29-March-2019
SSA General Secretary Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant celebrated US Independence Day at US Consulate on 29th March 2019. He had a cordial meeting with the US Consul General.

Awareness Programs

Head Start
SSA visited Head Start School for an Awareness Program on 25-Nov-2017.
Generation's School
SSA visited Generation's School for an Awareness Program on 04-May-2017.
Origins School
SSA visited Origins School for an Awareness Program on 27-Feb-2017.

Trail and Training Programs

Softball Coaching Course
SSA in collaboration with Softball conducted a softball training course for teachers .
Trails for Karachi Team
SSA conducted trails for Karachi Team at KPI Ground on 13-Mar-2018.
Trinity School
SSA visited Trinity Methodist School and College for a Training Program on 16-Nov-2017.


"As softball continues to develop and grow in the hearts and minds of the nation, we face new challenges every single day. There is a need for structuring and uniting our people together so we can strengthen the bond Softball is helping us create among our people. We must demonstrate that Softball is a global phenomenon that involves millions of athletes, coaches, families and fans worldwide."
Asif Azeem
General Secretary, Pakistan Softball Federation
“Softball needs to be equally supported by the government and private sponsors. This is essential to provide a boost to the young players who ought not only to excel in the game itself but should also be financially empowered, as the young players are being supported by the funds contributed by the members of the association and to provide them support and the proper equipment that they deserve.”
Saleem Rajput
President, Sindh Softball Association
'With the gradual passage of time, softball has made a special place in the hearts of many players and coaches all over Pakistan. It is the drive of these individuals that allows us to give it our all and strive to elevate softball to the heights of cricket in our fair country. One day, the slogan of the SSA "One Team, One Dream" shall be synonymous all over Pakistan and every child will play it just as well as they'd play any other sport, that is my dream.'
Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant
General Secretary, Sindh Softball Association